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Service Payment

After we have cleaned your windows, GoCardless allows is to request a payment1-2 days later (unless you have already paid by cash in person). You will be notified by email when we do this. If we dont clean your windows for any reason we will not take payment. 

Once you have taken the time to set up GoCardless and you've made an initial payment we can then collect future outstanding payments via this facility. This eliminates collection costs, drastically helps our cashflow and ultimately ensures fewer price rises to your cleaning service. Furthermore you need never worry about having cash available when we visit or falling behind on your payments. 

Paying via GoCardless is 100% secure, easy to set up and your bank details are never disclosed to Probitas Cleaning at any time. You incur no per transaction or fixed charges for using this service. 

Just enter the first line of your address in the box and press the GoCardless button. The form only takes 2 minutes to complete. 

Should you decide to cancel your window cleaning service with us, you can cancel this arrangement. 



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