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Our Service Promise

Window cleaners may not be insured. Some may disappear during the winter and others may turn up whenever they feel like it!

Our professional window cleaning services promise to;

  • Send you a text the night before so you know we are coming
  • Collect safely, securely and easily via GoCardless direct debit (payment is requested by us after each visit)
  • Always maintain a high standard of cleaning & never use subcontractors 
  • Hold £1m insurance cover for your peace of mind
  • Treat your property as we would our own. 
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee plus free re-cleans
  • Conduct ourselves honestly in all aspects of our service 

Business Overview Video

Window cleANER Colwick, NETHERFIELD - Probitas window cleaning

  • Looking for a reliable window cleaner?
  • Would you like your windows to stay as clean as long as possible?
  • Fed up with window cleaners leaving the frames and cills dirty? 
  • Care about your home and who you let on the premises? 

Probitas are professional domestic window cleaners with integrity covering Colwick & Netherfield Nottingham.

We provide reliable, courteous & professional window cleaning services of a one off or frequent basis 

We utilise ultra pure water methods and are also highly experienced traditional window cleaners.

We are fully insured for your complete peace of mind and also offer a service guarantee, therefore if something is not right we guarantee to out matters right.

Window Cleaning Colwick & Netherfield - Our Window Cleaner Methods

Pure Water Window Cleaner Colwick & Netherfield

Now a mature technology developed over the last 20 years, pure water window cleaning is well establish as the standard method used by professional window cleaners .

Well proven, the pure water window cleaning method can leave your windows cleaner for longer, brighten frames and lift dirt from under the seals extending the life of your units.

Some may of previously had a bad experience with this window cleaning method, however 99% of the time this is due to operator error. Either not srubbing or rinsing sufficiently. A good conscientious, thorough approach is still necessary and that's what we offer. 

Traditional Window Cleaner Colwick & Netherfield

Over the last 7 years we have built an excellent reputation as a thorough, traditional window cleaner using the ladder, squeegie and scrim. 

We recognise some clients still have a preference for traditional techniques and although rare, that certain sash or delicate wood indows may not be suitable for cleaning with a brush. Our traditional window cleaning service: Glass, Cil, Frame and Door Management are still available. 

Interior traditional window cleaning is available on a on-demand basis. 

Window Cleaning Colwick & Netherfield - Customer Service

 Typically available on a 4 or 8 weekly basis 

We let you know by text the night before we are coming and payment is easy with GoCardless. Once you have subscribed we request payment directly from your bank so you need never worry about remembering to pay again. 

For a free indicative quotation please fill in the request form . We will supply an indicative price and should you wish to proceed, we will then follow up with a visit to finalise your window cleaning service. Your first clean may include additional charges . 

Alternatively please call us on 07814 596 597 to arrange a quotation in person.


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